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Cancun To Tulum Shuttle
Riviera Maya weather has much in keeping with Cancun and Cozumel simply because it lies between those two popular Mexican locations.
This stretch that is resort-filled of Caribbean coast of Mexico starts simply south of Cancun and extends even further south past Cozumel.
Two of Riviera Maya`s most attractions that are popular Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Playa del Carmen is known for its great shopping and district that is dining Fifth Avenue and Tulum is known for the Mayan ruins.
Like Cancun and Cozumel, Playa del Carmen weather is hot throughout the summer and incredibly damp through the season that is rainy.
The most effective times to get here simply take planning that is careful weather in your mind.
Typical high temperatures reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during the months of May through August, according to historic records for the area.
To be aware of Shuttle from Cancun to Tulum and Airport Taxi Transportation from Cancun to Tulum, visit the website Tulum Airport Shuttle.
Temple of this Frescoes or Templo de las Pinturas (Temple of Paintings) - this two level building is the best preserved in Tulum. The colored murals on one of its inner walls provides name. The upper level temple is decorated with red hand images. The reduced degree is made up of two temples built one inside the other. The temple that is inner embellished with murals. The temple that is outer sculptures and carved masks of Chac, who is assumed to be the creator god or god of rainfall.
The outer temple has its own sculptures, including one of many descending god. The explanation for the murals being painted in three amounts ended up being the representation associated with underworld that is dark of deceased, the center order of the living, plus the home regarding the creator and rainfall gods.
El Palacio (The Palace) - had been a residence for Tulum`s most inhabitants that are important. You`ll still see benches across the walls that have been used as seats and probably also as beds. At the rear of the building is definitely an area where the family held ceremonies that are religious.
Templo de la Estela (Temple of this Initial show) - archaeologists had been puzzled if they came across fragments of a stele - a stone monument - inscribed utilizing the Mayan date of 564 A.D inside this temple, since many structures in Tulum dated between the 11th and century that is 14th. Research points to your stele being delivered to Tulum from Tankah, a settlement about 3 miles (4 kilometer) to your north. The stele is now located in the Uk Museum in London.
Passing the temples heading towards the ocean, you encounter another building that is relatively small Los Angeles Casa del Cenote translating because the Well House. Constructed on a cenote - a well that is natural sinkhole - religious ceremonies were held right here.
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